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PilotVUE – Validated drone pilot credentials such as licenses, experience, insurance, and rating based on the immutable blockchain.

Coming in Q3 2018


DroneVUE – Drone registration on blockchain allows drone to act as an independent economic agent and facilitate future UTM integration.

Coming in Q4 2018


ClientVUE  Clients sign up and create a ClientVUE profile to search for verified drone operators and vendors. Discover, evaluate and interact in one place.

Coming in Q3 2018

Validated Pilot ID on Blockchain

Hiring a drone pilot without proper aviation licenses, insurance, or experience can pose huge liability risks. Validating pilots credentials can be time-consuming and in most cases impossible. AirBase PilotVUE provides automated pilot ID verification system that validates pilots credentials and experience and saves it on the blockchain. PilotVUE allows for a trust-free way to vet and hire qualified drone pilots.

Licensing, Insurance & Experience

Pilot aviation licenses, insurance, and experience is verified via our partners we call “validators”. PilotVUE automatically checks pilot provided data via API to our partner’s databases.

Client Ratings

AirBase is implementing blockchain technology, and network-wide digital currency called AirToken to ensure the legitimacy of clients reviews and provide an economic incentive for genuine feedback.

Search & Discovery is a verified pilot database that allows clients to search and evaluate pilots according to their location, licenses, insurance, and experience.

Decentralized Pilot ID

Blockchain technology allows for decentralized systems where data is not owned or controlled by a third party. Pilot owns his/her identity and only shares when appropriate.


Drone Registration

Drone registration on blockchain allows for many new possibilities. From ownership, warranty and maintenance tracking, to automated UTM implementation. At registration, a digital AirToken wallet is created for each drone allowing the drone to be an independent economic agent and hold AirToken currency for automated payments for airspace access, repairs and other uses. Blockchain & smart contracts will help streamline autonomous operations in the future.


Client Services

Client (entity looking to evaluate and hire drone operators) creates account and profile page via ClientVUE to search and evaluate potential pilots. The client has the ability to “ping” pilot and start an in-app chat session, request copies of validated licenses, insurance, and other info. Client AirToken wallet will be also created upon signup. The client has to leave a review and rating for the pilot in order to receive AirToken “cash-back” rewards from the pilot.

Tools Under Development


Blockchain-based drone data verification system. DataVUE allows for entities to be assured beyond a doubt that the aerial data they requested has been collected based on their parameters such as date, time, location and other specifications. DataVUE provides full and transparent data audit trail for all participants.

Developer API

AirBase provides third-party developers with a set of API’s and capabilities to utilize a secure and validated AirBase pilot data for integration into their apps and services. PilotVUE Sign-In is a secure blockchain based pilot identity and sign-in service providing sign-in and onboarding for users on all their devices.

AirBase Team

Roman Molla

Founder & CEO

Jake Hinton

Co-Founder & COO

Roop Singh

Advisor - Blockchain - Intuit Factory

William E. Lovett III

Advisor - Aviation - Managing Director at Phoenix Air Group

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